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Are you disillusioned with the synthetic corporate culture of today, with its politics, quarter-by-quarter short-sightedness and lack of vision? Do you feel disenfranchised and un-empowered to do your job? Do you think your boss has been promoted beyond competence and resent the dishonesty and utter fruitlessness of what you’re doing? Do you look at what you’re doing now and cringe at the thought of doing it for another 20 years? You’re not alone.
Zimerick at play
Come join a team where you will be empowered and entrusted to do your job right and with integrity. Where each individual is respected for his/her unique talent and contributions.

We’re looking for passionate, committed individuals to join our growing company!
Positions currently available:

Even if you do not have the necessary experience in these areas, but really want to be part of our driven and select team, come talk to us for a tailor-made role for yourself.

How We Work

At Zimerick, we consider each member of the team a friend and associate. We pick individuals for their integrity, commitment to doing the job right, and passion for what they’re doing.

Zimerick operates on a partnership basis. Partners report directly to the Managing Partner, and are responsible for a project from start to finish. They develop the deal, pick the members of the team to fulfil the project requirements, manage the deployment of the project and its P&L, and deliver the project on time, within budget and as promised to the client.

Zimerick is a winner of the Singapore HEALTH Award 2012.

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